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Goods originating from outside of the EU require Customs clearance, as do exports to outside of the EC. The type of Customs clearance required is dependant on the circumstances of the import or export.

Please contact us with any queries on the classification, tax rates, documentation, etc of your goods. We have years of experience working with HMRC and are happy to offer advice on your import or export.

BTI – 5% VAT Application Service

Applications can be submitted for vehicles in original condition, over 30 years of age, no longer in production and not being imported for their original purpose (eg not a daily driver).  Successful applications reduce import taxes to just 5% VAT and zero duty.  We offer this classification service for a small fee which covers the application and subsequent correspondence with HMRC.  Please contact us for submission of this application on your behalf.

Frequently used Customs forms

Click the links below to view or download the forms.

Common duty / VAT rates - imports into the UK - for guidance only (current as of June 2017)

  • Boats - typically 1.7% duty + VAT
  • Motorcycles (not exceeding 250 cc) - 8% duty + VAT
  • Motorcycles (exceeding 250 cc) - 6% duty + VAT
  • Cars - original condition over 30 years of age - possibility to apply for 5% VAT - we offer a full application service for this, please contact us for further information
  • Cars - EC manufacture - £50.00 lump sum duty + VAT (assume proof of EC status is available and private import)
  • Cars - non EC manufactured - 10% duty + VAT
  • Pickup Trucks - commercial imports 22% duty + VAT (certain Pickup trucks can be classified at 10% duty + VAT - please contact us for further information)
  • Cargo trailers - 2.7% duty + VAT
  • Travel trailers - 2.7% duty.  The VAT rate assessed on a case by case basis, please contact us for further advice

Quick and efficient Customs Clearance by:

  • Own DTI Computer links to HMRC at all major ports
  • HMRC Approved Bonded Warehousing
  • Duty / VAT Deferment Guarantee
  • Trained and time served Customs clearance staff
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