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ISF 10+2 Declaration

Essential information when shipping to the USA

ISF 10+2 filing is an advanced notification made by the importer to US CBP ahead of the vessel arriving at the port of origin for loading.  It is a mandatory Customs procedure, the following is a summary with links to US CBP for further information.

Importer Security filing (ISF) 10+2 has been enforced for sailings to the USA from 26 January 2010. This follows a one year training period where filings should have been completed but no fines or DNL (Do Not Load) messages were issued.

It is the responsibility of the importer to file their ISF, typically through their nominated Customs broker, latest 24 hours before the goods are laden on the vessel. We recomend you allow your broker minimum 72 hours to lodge the ISF.

It is paramount that US importers correctly complete their ISF 10+2. US CBP may issue fines of $5000 usd upwards per violation and imported goods arrived without submission of ISF may be subject to seizure.

US Customs brokers will advise the elements required for the submission of the ISF. In conjunction with this we will advise our clients:

  1. Vessel / bill of lading number / SCAC
  2. Loading location
  3. Container stuffing location (where applicable)

Further details can be found visiting the following link, and viewing the leaflet download and two example forms that follow.


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