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  • Car Shipping

    • Shared and sole use container shipping from warehouses across the US
    • Container loading also in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
    • Vehicles collections across the USA and deliveries across the UK
    • UK Customs clearance, Historical 5% VAT rate application (BTI)
    • Export container packing to destinations worldwide
    Ship My Car

    Car Shipping

    Car Shipping
  • Motorcycle Shipping

    • Container shipments from warehouses across the USA for both single and multiple motorcycle shipments
    • Worldwide crated and RORO export services
    • Enclosed motorcycle collections across the USA, and deliveries across the UK
    • UK Customs clearance, Historical 5% VAT rate application (BTI)
    • HMRC import taxation advice
    Ship my Motorcycle

    Motorcycle Shipping

    Motorcycle Shipping
  • Boat Shipping

    • RORO and container services
    • RORO serving USA, Australia and New Zealand
    • Container services for smaller watercraft from around the USA back to the UK
    • Customs clearance / ocean freight / UK deliveries
    • HMRC import taxation advice
    Ship My Boat

    Boat Shipping

    Boat Shipping
  • Caravan Shipping

    • Specialised caravan shipping - single and twin caravan loading to Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide
    • Preparation and protection of caravan for shipping completed by our own staff
    • Removal of components as required including A frame cover, side lights, sky lights, door catches and antennas
    • Extensive protection of windows, extreme outer edges and wheel arches
    • Wheels and A frame blocked and braced with ISPM15 heat treated timber, new ratchets and protective tubing used
    Ship My Caravan

    Caravan Shipping

    Caravan Shipping

Auto Shipping Specialist

Kingstown Shipping are an international shipper of cars, motorcycles, RVs, trailers, caravans, boats and general freight, specialising in the USA / UK / USA trade since 1986. We have continually developed our company to offer the wide range of freight forwarding services available to our clients today.

Our services include shared and sole use container shipping for running and non running autos, import and export container packing, specialised caravan export loading and shipping, RORO / car carrier shipping, vehicle collection and delivery, Customs bonded warehousing, Customs clearance and general freight forwarding.

Our network of warehouses for import and export also cover Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Far East.

Some Facts About Us

In 2013 we shipped over 2500 vehicles to/from the UK
Our auto shipping network covers 6 Different Countries

Frequently Asked Questions

I've bought a vehicle in the USA and don't know what to do next... can you help!?!

Absolutely, vehicle shipping is our specialty. You can either arrange for your seller or dealership to deliver the car to one of our shippers, or we can collect the vehicle from the door of your seller, particularly useful if your seller wants no involvement in the shipping process.

Once the vehicle reaches the UK you have the option of collecting it from one of our bonded warehouses, or alternatively we can deliver to your house, a complete door to door service.

Can you ship both running and non-running vehicles?

Yes we ship both running and non-running vehicles and can also arrange the collection and delivery of both. US hauliers are becoming more insistent on a working footbrake or E-brake.

Where can you collect vehicles and ship from in the USA?

We have a developed network of regular container shippers across the USA, including West coast; LA, San Francisco and Seattle, Gulf; Houston and East Coast; New York, Charleston and Miami. We also have a warehouse at Chicago for less frequent US inland shipments.

Where else can you ship to / from other than the US?

Australia - combination of RORO and container from/to - Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne.

New Zealand - Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Nelson

South Africa - RORO to Port Elizabeth, East London, and Durban. Container service back from Durban.

Please contact us if you are interested in shipping to a destination not listed, we handle vehicle shipments for destinations around the world.

Can you also offer Roll on Roll off shipments?

Yes we also use the Roll on Roll off services for autos and oversize cargo such as Boats, Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Car Box Trailers, and Dually Pickup Trucks.

Can I ship a vehicle from the USA without a Certificate of Title?

A vehicle cannot generally be exported from the USA without the original Certificate of Title. US CBP will require it for export clearance so it is important that it isn't sent over to the UK before the vehicle ships.

I'm keen on importing a vehicle but I'm unclear of HMRC rulings and import taxes, can you advise?

Yes we have experience in the different types of import and export Customs clearance available and will gladly advise on the correct one for your circumstances... it's not as daunting as you may think!!!

Do you have any further questions? If so, don't hesitate to contact us.

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