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Freight Forwarding

Alongside our extensive auto shipping services we have over 40 years experience in general freight forwarding covering a wide sector of commercial clients and cargo.  Services include;

HMRC Bonded Warehousing

Our network of HMRC bonded warehouses cover;

  • Felixstowe
  • Hull
  • London
  • Southampton
  • Liverpool
  • Grangemouth

This allows for the efficient and cost effective devanning of cargo in close proximity to the port of arrival.

Warehouse services include import unloading and export packing of autos and general freight, storage, palletising and wrap/stack, sorting and repacking.


Our services cover;

  • Full load container from port of arrival to client premises / nominated warehouse
  • Full and part load trailer distribution from warehouse to the rest of the UK
  • Running and non running auto and motorcycle deliveries

Customs Clearance

Correct tariff classification and accuracy of HMRC declarations are integral to our Customs clearance service.  We clear at all major UK seaports through our own DTI links to destin8 and CNS.  Our staff are trained in the use of industry standard software and can offer advice on import taxes and documentation.  The company holds a duty deferment guarantee with HMRC.

Our Customs clearance service is available to private and commercial clients, please contact us for details.  Further HMRC information and frequently used forms can be seen here.

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